Drums is among the preferred instruments that people like to learn. It is an integral part of any band where the artist at the drum kit is admired for his energy, style and aggressiveness. The Academy offers a fun filled learning experience on how to play drums through its expert teachers, and a great learning ambiance.

A systematic and intensive training, exposing students to a wide variety of styles, combined with performance opportunities, makes the drum lessons very exciting for rhythm enthusiasts.

  • PROGRAMS: REGULAR (once a week) / other options available
  • CLASS DURATION: 60 mins
  • FACULTIES:Well experienced teachers


The above mentioned options will be subject to availability of slots

Exam preparation includes pieces, technical work, sight reading, aural, improvisation, etc. where the assessment is based on notational accuracy& music al detail, technical facility, time keeping and style

A few sample pieces from the syllabus:

Grade 3 (Foundation)

McDonough – Reggae Muffin (Trinity)
Bob & Kung Fu – Overrated(Rockschool)

Grade 5 (Intermediate)

Ball – Lime Tree Bay (Trinity)
Yabba Dabba – Do Balanco (Rockschool)

Grade 8 (Advanced)

Salmins– Overture (Trinity)
Kit Morgan – Mind The Gaps (Rockschool)