The Academy has an outstanding reputation when it comes to guitar lessons, attracting both young and old, who choose from acoustic classical, to acoustic plectrum, to electric guitar options.

As a guitar student at the Academy, you will work closely with the best teachers in town, and enjoy opportunities for solo and group performances. The study for guitar develops skilled performers, who will demonstrate their musical ability and thorough knowledge of the instrument.

When you learn guitar, you’ll play some great music that ranges widely from classical to contemporary. Its great fun to use the backing tracks. The syllabus for exams has carefully chosen songs that improve the technical aspects of playing, and build your skills as you progress through the grades.

The exams give you invaluable experience of planning and working on a repertoire, which in turn will boost your confidence, when you are learning guitar.

A wealth of resources have been provided at the Academy’s library to support the student’s learning.

  • PROGRAMS: REGULAR (once a week) / other options available
  • CLASS DURATION: 60 mins
  • FACULTIES:Well experienced teachers


The above mentioned options will be subject to availability of slots

Exam preparation includes pieces, scales, chord knowledge, sight reading, aural, improvisation, etc. where the assessment is based on notational accuracy, fluency, technical ability, and presentation.

A few sample pieces from the syllabus:

Grade 3 (Foundation)

Carcassi – Minuet op.21 no. 12 (Classical)
Cobby – Valsetta (Plectrum)
Uings – Indecisive (Rock)

Grade 5 (Intermediate)

Baulch – Bonza’s Blues (Classical)
Kessel – Lonely Moments (Plectrum)
Lederman – Do Balanco (Rock)

Grade 8 (Advanced)

Weiss – Fantasie (Classical)
J.S. Bach – Double (Plectrum)
Charlie & Jason – Meet Darth Ear (Rock)